Radiological procedures include MRI, CT, digital radiography, mammography, and antitumor therapy. It is the early diagnosis and the right therapy that helps to complete the treatment more successfully and faster. For many years, the Kessler Medical Center has made sure that patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and are assigned a proven and effective treatment.

The clinic has the latest equipment. Sometimes even last year’s devices are old and do not allow diagnosing certain phenomena. Today, the clinic has ten MRI scanners, eight computer tomographs and modern digital x-ray systems, and low-dose mammography devices also function.

Treatment courses and palliative care

The range of cancer treatment services includes high-precision chemotherapy and the latest chemo-, hormone- and targeted immunotherapy. The entire treatment is comprehensive and personalized and is often used in international research. In addition, the clinic treats vascular diseases and occlusions, such as aneurysms and even strokes. The clinic also conducts radioiodine therapy for some types of thyroid diseases.

Departments with all amenities were built for our patients, for example, the department for the treatment of thyroid diseases has a winter garden, a library and Wi-Fi. The center also offers palliative care, that is, relief of the last days of life of seriously ill patients. This is a rather difficult stage for patients and their native, and specially trained clinic professionals will help to cope with this.

Virtual data rooms for modern clinics

Each modern clinic works with research results, conducts tests, patents treatment methods, collaborates with other organizations or the state. In order to protect important information, it communicates with partners, investors, keep records, store data and work conveniently and you will need data rooms. They have proven themselves in the commercial sector, where they use virtual rooms for transactions. But development is also becoming increasingly popular in other industries.

The data room allows you to organize internal and external communication, make it mobile and safe. It also helps to save all data and work with them in any convenient place. Virtual data rooms are very actively used in Brazil, in Europe, in America and Argentina. After all, innovation is very easy to use and solves a significant number of challenges for modern business.