In the MVZ clinic Dr. med. Carol Kessler offers you a variety of modern
radiological procedures – MRI, CT, digital X-rays, mammography, radiation
treatments and anticancer drug therapies – as well as great medical knowledge
and experience to assist you and your doctors with diagnosis and therapy.


In our radiology practices you will be examined on devices of the most recent type. In
total, we operate ten MRI scanners, eight computed tomographs and modern digital X-
ray systems and low-dose mammography devices at all eight locations.


In the clinic Carol Kessler and the Medical Care Center for Hematology, Oncology,
Radiotherapy / Radiation Oncology and Palliative Care offer you a variety of different
therapies that we tailor to your disease and course of treatment.

Our range of services in the treatment of cancer includes high-precision radiation
therapies and the latest chemo-, hormone- and targeted immunotherapies to highly
complex personalized medical treatments, which are often used in international studies.
In many cases, you can be treated on an outpatient basis, but at any time, if the therapy
requires it, you can be hospitalized in our specialist clinic. There you will be looked after
by the same doctors who are familiar and familiar with you from outpatient care.

In addition, we treat vascular diseases and occlusions such as aneurysms, smoking
legs and even strokes with minimally invasive, state-of-the-art interventional radiology
methods. In addition, we have been carrying out radioiodine therapies for certain thyroid
disorders for more than 60 years. For our thyroid patients, we have set up our own ward
with conservatory, library and wifi.

In all treatments, we strive to provide you with all the possibilities of modern medical
care that takes into account your specific needs.

Partnerships and cooperations

The clinic Dr. The Carol Kessler Group, together with the specialist departments of the
Elbe Kliniken Stade-Buxtehude and the established specialists in the Elbe-Weser
region, has set up special centers in which specific tumor diseases and vascular
diseases are diagnosed and treated interdisciplinarily in accordance with the current
guidelines and recognized procedures of the specialist societies. The patients'
admission to these centers guarantees that they receive the best possible treatment
according to current standards. Each individual case is discussed in the so-called tumor
boards of specialists from the disciplines involved. The Radiologists, Radiation
Oncologists and Haemato-oncologists MVZ Klinik Dr. med. Carol Kessler will be
responsible for radiological diagnostics, tumor staging, radiotherapy and systemic
therapy at these centers.

New radiological practice

"With our new MVZ we want to improve the outpatient radiological care of the people in
the district of Rotenburg," says dr. Christoph Hancken, Managing Partner of Klinik Dr.
med. Carol Kessler group. Since 14th August the entire range of radiological
diagnostics can be used in the new premises in Bergstraße.
"Above all, we should be able to significantly reduce the waiting times that have been
recorded for MRT appointments in the region," says Dr. Carol Kessler. For magnetic
resonance imaging (MRI) examinations two new 1.5 Tesla devices of the most recent
series are available, for CT diagnosis a 16-line device with 32 layers is available, and
there is also a low-dose mammography Breast examination device and the digital x-ray
device with bucky table. Greatest value put Dr. Carol Kessler, in designing the practice
for a relaxing atmosphere for the patients: this is reflected in the friendly waiting areas

and spacious cabins as well as small details such as the photo wallpaper with sea views in the MRI and CT examination rooms.

The MVZ is led by the radiologist Kresimir Hrastnik, who co-founded the practice for
magnetic resonance imaging in the Agaplesion Diakonieklinik Rotenburg more than 25
years ago and is now pleased that he will continue to care for his ambulatory patients in
such generously sized rooms using state-of-the-art equipment can. He is supported by
the radiologist Dr. med. Wolfgang Hellbrück, with whom he had already worked in
practice for magnetic resonance imaging, as well as the two new colleagues, the
radiologist Astrid Scharpmann and the radiologist Thomas Lossow. Ms. Scharpmann
will also carry out the mammograms in the future and CT diagnostics will be part of Mr.
Lossow’s area of ​​responsibility.

Competent support can be provided by the doctors from Rotenburg, the MTRA and
MFA, but also by their colleagues from the entire clinic, if required. Carol Kessler group
received. In total, the medical company operates via the MVZ Radiology and Nuclear
Medicine Clinic. Carol Kessler eight radiological practices throughout the Elbe-Weser
triangle. The group also includes the MVZ for Radiation Therapy, Radiation Oncology,
Hemato-oncology and Palliative Medicine as well as the Specialist Clinic for Tumor
Diseases in Stade.

Clinic in Lila

For the 5th World Pancreatic Cancer Day in November, the clinic Dr. med. Carol
Kessler and the Elbe Klinikum lila illuminated to sensitize the public for the diagnosis
and treatment of pancreatic cancer. Both institutes work together in the pancreatic
cancer center Elbe-Weser, where we undertake the radiological diagnostics as well as
the hemato-oncological treatments, the radiotherapy and radioontological treatments as
well as the palliative medical care and the Elbe hospitals the gastroenterological
diagnostics as well as the surgical removal of the pancreatic carcinomas.